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Many of us move through the world unaware of how we show up in our communities. We act out of impulse instead of purpose. 


Whether you are aware of it or not, Your truth is representing you every day. It is at the very core of all your intentions, your decisions and indecisions, your motivations, and ultimately your drive in life.

TEST YOUR TRUTH Is Your Call To Action! Comprised of 25 Truth Actions written from personal experience, in a poetic style; To inspire you to creatively dream bigger and bolder for yourself. To start today to test your self, your love, your power, your relationships, and your ventures; With the ultimate goal of guiding and encouraging you to get closer to standing in your truth.

English Softcover Matte Book / 174 Pages / 21 X 21 cm - 8.5 X 8.5 in

ISBN: 978-3-9823560-0-6