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''My vision for Co-Found from day one has always been to usher in the most inviting environment for Founders and Creators from Berlin and around the world to meet, connect, network, share, inspire and co-found the next great business that goes down in startup history. 

I live to make an impact and fundamentally believe in fostering opportunity in and for
the next generation.

To nurture the seed of potential in an individual, an initiative, a brand or a company.
To develop their ideas into sustainable businesses fed by an engaged following - A Community''



Founded by New York born Michael L. Usher

who has over 10+ years experience working in Germany as

a Teacher, Marketing & Communications Consultant, Business Developer, Entrepreneur, Community Leader & Builder, Sales & Event Organiser / Host, CX & Product Designer, As well as being a part-time Writer & Investor.

He has played a fundamental role in helping shape the Berlin startup ecosystem over the years from winning an Accelerator program, To building the Co-Found Community, To an eventual Exit.

What began as a passion project and organic community

initiative 8 years ago, 53 successful events,

and more than 15,000+ community Members strong;

Co-Found grew to become the largest startup networking community and event in Berlin.


In 2019 he successfully sold his community to DCMN;

And acquired it back in 2021.




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Michael L. Usher 
Investor & Community Builder

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Charlotte D'Agostino 

''If you are not ready to question and confront everything you think you know about yourself, your brand, your marketing and business strategy, please DO NOT contact Michael.

However, if you dare to challenge yourself with tough questions and radical honesty, he is the expert for you.

Our sessions taught me many things about myself, my values but also about the power of communities while conducting business.

I enjoy working with Michael and can fully recommend him if you are looking to build a strong brand and even stronger customer community.''

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Robin Ansorge

''WOW! I was lucky to find Michael at such a perfect time in my entrepreneurial journey.


I was lost, all over the place, had many big visions but didn't see the path to make them become a reality. I was stressed out, overwhelmed but Michael brought me into the right place.


Through his powerful 5-Step Process, we were able to clearly define, articulate and eventually create for the first time my true purpose which was there inside me for my whole life.


I can't thank you enough. So excited where the future will take us!''


James Harrup

''Michael L. Usher is a phenomenon. 


In a few focused sessions he gave me a level of insight and clarity on my business, my brand, my community that I’ve never experienced before.


He helped me find and stand in my Truth - An experience so profound, so simple and yet so useful I will turn to it for the rest of my life.''


Dr. Jörg Jaecks

''Raue was honored to host and sponsor many Co-Found events for over five years (2013 - 2018).


The Co-Found community grew to become the largest startup networking community in Berlin and the go to event for founders to meet, connect, get inspired and co-found the next great startup.


Michael Usher and his team did a fantastic job in creating and growing this community. He is passionate, creative and inspiring. At the same time Michael is easy going and relaxed - working together with him was a true pleasure.


Our partnership over the years put our law firm in contact with many international and exciting founders, startups, and clients.''


We have walked the walk with boots on the ground after having successfully founded & consulted multiple brands and communities over the past

10+ years.


We selectively work with those who believe in what we believe; That integrity, transparency, a commitment to high work ethic, responsibility and truth is at the core of our values.

fresh ideas

We draw inspiration from the times we live in and pride ourselves on being up to date on the latest information and trends with a progressively curious eye and ear.   


We work with only the best

in an agile way to ensure quick feedback loops with a

strong focus on quality over

quantity; And roll up our sleeves to help take you from good to better to best together.

we deliver

We are known for getting straight to the point and not wasting time and money; And won't stop until our clients are fully satisfied with our results.


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